enhace the flavors of our land

Da Rino restaurant’s kitchen gets fresh products from local fishermen and the leading fish markets of Lake Garda.
Based on the availability of the market and the catch of the day, Da Rino proposes a starter made of fish, Aole in Carpione, Trout Carpaccio with rucola, Smoked trout with salad and crostini, Cavedano marinato.

Fresh pasta first courses, such as bigoli al torchio, with salted aole (a type of sardine), tagliolini al coregone, pasta with salmon trout and zucchini, traditional Italian spaghetti and other daily suggestions, like pasta with crayfish.

The second courses, such us Luccio del Garda alla barcarola (Lake Garda pike) with polenta, steam whitefish fillets with vegetables, grilled Sardine, Lake Garda perch’s fillets, baked Trout in foil, Lake Garda Carp, meat dishes and other daily suggestions.

Among the desserts, we report Cialda al forno with fruit salad and vanilla ice cream. A various selection of homemade cakes, including the very typical “torta bresciana”.

The only oil used by Da Rino restaurant, in the kitchen, for the preparation of our dishes, and on our tables, is the extra virgin olive oil made in the Valtenesi’s oil mills.